Butler Gallery Exhibition, 2015
Butler Gallery Exhibition, 2015

          Welcome to this BLOG site which serves more as a Web site than a Blog. I hope that you find the information you need here and if not please contact me via this site or at gypsyray@eircom.net

I am currently working on drawings in the studio which are based on semi-blind contour drawings of people. The most recent are an exploration of the “labeling” of individuals by society by what they work at and how through that labeling one is confined to a  specific category which may deny multifacited talents or interests.  This is achieved through “Janus” (two headed) portraits of individuals.

SaturioAlonso.49X46cm.GypsyRay, 2016

I continue to use fine art photography in my studio practice.  Most recently expanding a series of Holga Images which are concerned with “place”.

In 2015 the exhibition based on the “Townlands” series was exhibited at the Old Market Arts Centre in Dungarvan, County Waterford and a solo exhibition photographic work selected by the Director of the Butler Gallery, Anna O’Sullivan was on exhibit at the gallery from 2nd May until the 21 of June, 2015. Two images from this exhibition have been added to the David Kronn Collection which is housed at the Irish Museum of Modern Art.  Two other photographs have been added to the Butler Gallery Permanent Collection, Kilkenny, Ireland.

Swimming Hole, traditional photographic print, 2014 copy 2


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